Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Triple Crown starts here.

The time in Hawaii is

The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Must be the most over publicized piece of  real estate the surfing world knows.

The reasons for that are simple. Surfing began there with the Polynesians, so it was the only surfing world (don't get me started on the Chimu and the Caballitos de Totora) Seecondly with a fetch half the length of the world and its volcanic nature (hence no continental shelf slowing wave power), the reefs of the North shore and quite simply hardcore. There power is allegedly (having never been or desire to) unsurpassed. Thirdly Hawaii is part of the US of A and there isn't a nation on this planet that can blow wind up its arse like it.....North'h. All in all as a competitive surfer, you ain't shit till you've gone toe to toe with some North Shore grunt and made a mark in the sand.

 The Triple Crown is held every year in Movember and December and comprises of three seperate competitions. The first is the Haleiwa pro, the second is the Sunset beach Pro and then the final event is the Pipeline masters. There all beautiful beaches and full on waves. The reason I love them is the passion. I can feel a rant coming on...........

 Those people who are called professional surfers are quickly sorted into two sections, show ponies and thorough breds. The waves are thick, heavy lipped heaving machines and instead of the guys getting out there 6'0 beachie board, the 8footers come out and some testosterone is brought back. I love it. The lines the artists etch on these huge moving canvasses, the soul bared for the audience to marvel at...well it's poetic.

 Anyway watch it Haleiwa has started it's waiting period and a huge swell approaches.


PS There will be all sorts of other competitions going on at the same time, keep your eyes peeled.

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