Sunday, November 14, 2010

Selfish derision

I wish I could surf with my friend Leigh,
all ginger haired and knobbly kneed.
He'll ride his single fin and dance up and down
whooping and hollering a complete absence of frown. Japan, get Usueke and Floyd.
We'll need more wax and wood for the fire.
To warm all our hands, it'll take quite a while.
After friends have travelled so many miles.

Get through to Peru...State of Emegency planned.
We'll need Terry, Gustavo and Dan.
Better bring some local produce along.
It'll pay for the jaunt, Chav'll have a bong.

 And then there's the Kiwis and Aussies; Shuy and Owen,
Their poo stances and loud talk
Gwenvor will throng
Of course it could happen.

Still better have a think and rein it in.
With the whole shooting match they'll be quiet a din.
More importantly as a set rolls through?
What's the chances, will it be for me or you?


  1. very nice mate. i think we should trade jobs...

  2. Well as tempting as it sounds being an International Journo, with sick waves outside my door and an amazing family....think I'll stick to classes of brats....its a comfort zone thing.