Friday, November 12, 2010


A few years ago I lost my much loved garage. Times move on and unless I parted company I would haven't have sampled the delights of South American surf etc.....but I surely miss that garage. The control of an area untouched by my partner and kids, a place where experiments arose out of plumes of smoke. A place where I sprayed my first surfboard and had enough left to get a bit "out there" on the walls. A place where saw dust and fibreglass fumes could mingle freely, far away from frowning eyes.

I can make fins, wooden, keel fins. Never a simpler or more satisfying surfing endeavour. Find the template you like, get some 9mm marine ply, cut out the shape with a jigsaw and then get the mask on and the random orbital out for some freestyling.

Three things led to failure on the last attempt. Firstly, the ply was poor quality and splintered. It would be so great to get some oak and teak ply or something which really adds strength and isn't easy to get hold of in the piddly quantities I want or can store.

Secondly, I lost concentration at a crucial time. After finishing off the first fin. I clamped up the second one and without thinking, sanded from the base not the tip, in 10 seconds the damage was done. I blame the third can of cider myself.

Lastly with no garage, there is nowhere to store excess wood, there is nowhere to leave things and come back to at a more auspicious time and the whole experience is just off key.

So we are house hunting at present and I'm gunna try and hang tough on the garage front.

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