Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Pumpkin's wedding day and cheeky ones.

The Pumkin's real marriage as in terms of registering it, took place before the ceremony as seen above. On the day in question the groom and I woke early left in plenty of time and surfed pretty shocking north coast.....who cares right, some days are more important than surfing...ney bother.

 On my way home to spruce up, still with plenty of time, I popped into the south coast cafe for a coffee and chocolate cake, to find that Perranuthanoe breaking top to bottom with mechanical precision, with no due regard to its status as a beach break of average stature. Torn......I phoned Leigh.

 Leigh "I'm on me way."

I was absolved instantly as far as I was concerned. If the groom isn't going to take it seriously, the whole wedding caper thing, then the least the unmarried males can do is play up too. I followed my role.

 Great waves were had, Perranutahnoe really cemented its status as "The Perran Pipe" that day.

 Of course, people came looking for us. 45 minutes from the "I do", Heidi arrived on the slip way, waving like crazy, still .....getting "one in" still managed to include "one for the road".

 Salt on the eyebrows, smiles on the faces, best way to approach they live in Colorado. No cheeky ones there.

 The moral of the story: Get cheeky ones in when you can, even though you think you can't. Because if your in a wheel chair now like Pino or in the Rockies now like really can't.

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