Saturday, April 10, 2010


Its funny the relationship between snowboarding and surfing (just like with skating too). Shaun White, I wonder how he'd get on in the water I'm sure he's tried it. Well I find myself in his beautiful state at present, Colorado and as Winter Park and Vale had 10 inches of snow and the pumpkin and friends were keen we gave it a good go. Having never taken to the slopes in the Americas before I was impressed by the lift queues, manners annd nature of the wide and well groomed slopes, and the backcountry just looks phenomenal. The downer is the cost which at 93 bucks a day can hurt for sure.

paying so much for a lift pass and then walking anyway just seems a bit daft, but that's where the deep stuff is, and it was quiet and good, Still at over 12000 feet it gets the heart pumping.

Da Crew, Harry, Pumpkin, Kaitlyn, Heidi, Blocker + Me

Colorado from Edward Lockyer on Vimeo.

To do bottom turns at pace and aerials with wobbles can really make the heart sing. The landscape here is jaw dropping, massive plains dotted with ranches and wood cabins. And then behind the herds of horse, cows and deer, soaring peaks with pines on the lower slopes that cede to glacier corries with snowcapped cornices.

 Mountain biking, rafting, the Harley Davidson crowd, the hunters, snowshoers, telemarkers, climbers, cowboys...there all here. Its a hell of a drive from California but Vegas will keep you busy, and Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon National parks will all serve to lighten the load.

 As a surfer I'm both spoiled with beauty and yet bigotted by its form......It was a lesson gladly learnt that surfing should be about opening windows without shutting doors.


  1. Nice one Dudes!! Great to see the gang together in the US! Very Jealous!

  2. Nice one Dudes! Glad to see the gang all together in the US. Very jealous!

  3. Arse!! Posted Twice....

  4. how'd it feel to catch an edge?