Monday, May 14, 2012

Laird Hamilton workout

I've been looking for my inspiration to get a health kick realise how far behind you can get when you watch Laird and his pal's here................... made me feel a bit like, well there's no point starting 'cause you're never gone get there.


1 Circuit (1 Hr 15 minutes Total)

20-30 seconds in-between moves

22 Exercises In This Circuit – Some Moves are Repeated

15-20 Reps of Everything


Quality Technique, Range of motion, Endurance, and Flexibility. The goal is to do high reps with heavy weight. Laird’s exercises incorporate 2-3 muscle groups per each exercise.


(Video 1)

1. Cable Machine Front Cable Raises - Balancing on Indo Board

2. Over Head Ab Press on Declined Bench - Weight Plate

3. Pull Ups with Legs at 90 Degree Angle on Hack Squat -360 Body Hang Stretch

4. Single Leg Wall Sit with Rotator Cuff (against stationary Object)

5. Cable Machine – Rotating Ab Twist in Squat Position (Middle to Side)

6. Upright Row on Indo Board

7. Golf Ball Stance (Foot Torture)

8. Dips with a Single Dumbbell between thighs

9. Push up to Hop Up (demoed by Hutch) similar to a ½ burpie

10. Stability Ball Balance Squat with Shoulder Flys

11. Cable Lunge Squat with a Chest Fly

[12,13,14 - 3 Circuits]

12. 1 Minute Wall Sit (single leg 90 degree) 1 with rotator cuff

13. 1 Minute Wall Sit (single leg 90 degree) 1 with bicep curl

14. 1 Minute Handstands

15. Lying Sliders Burn Out - In/Out – Side/Side (Hips Up)

16. Bosu Ball Ab Reach Up – Hands to Toes (lift arms up at the same time as legs)

17. Straight Leg Deadlift with Dumbbells (on elevated structure)

18. Wide Cable Lat Pull-down (stand on stability ball or indo board)

19. Back Lunge on Slider with Overhead Shoulder Hold

20. Leg Extension with a Shoulder Press

21. AB-CORE Leg Twist on Declined Bench (bend legs, use hips and core for height)

22. Face Down on Stability Ball on Bench - lift legs up, scissor, lower back down

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