Sunday, September 4, 2011

Surf accomodation

With my Campervan having disappeared a while back and the notion of having to rethink my local surf trip plans I decided on doing a  bit of research in what others were up to for surf accomodation. Photos from my findings.

Nos 1 allegedly does drive but how they square the shed on the roof with the police is beyond me. Not for driving on windy days but with three double beds..not to be sneared at.

There is always a nice Combi that tempts you into thinking you really don't mind travelling at 50 mph and that breakdown cover is getting cheaper all the time. 
This little nugget of a caravan was kindly lent to us to test drive....I'm 6ft 3 and clumsy...wasn't quite ideal. I had broken all the door handles in 5 minutes and got my bum stuck up against the window when I was
crouching to put my kaks on.

The sheer size of some of the tents blew me away...I guess Beduoin orgies take up space.....inshallah.
Boring Motorhome.....god it looked good though. Yes it may be souless but everything works...Sky TV and cold beer on an armchair next to the break....seems too opulent somehow..can you hear the sea from inside those things...oh go on then I'll have one..I just need to sell my house first.
Mr T's family turned up in the family wagon...I think they have a private source of fossil fuels to run that bad boy on.

 Or just sleep in at work and be on the beach! My favourite.

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