Thursday, June 16, 2011

Surfing, the real deal.

I'm going to be a Dad next month, I know , it explains a lot. Less surfing and blogging time for sure, I reckon....

Last Sunday 3ft and clean and where was I? I had a guided tour of the pre and anti natal ward and the maternity ward....I finished the day light off with a mind bending two hours in the pram shop......I don't know if I was looking for it or whether the waves were rubbing it in or whether commercialism really needs to get a grip, but the word surf was everywhere. Here are some highlights from last Sunday and a rove around the net.

The silver cross surf pram and the other one was something surf too. I have no idea why.

Small wave shredder and big wave charging lego.

Surfing USB key.

Surf clothes for the little monster.

Toyota Hilux surf in matchbox.

Surf scented candles.

Surfboard earrings.

 One thing they all have in common is that they are all massively over priced.

 Well done surf industry! That's integrity.

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