Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dale "Daily" Webster

September 2nd 1975 Dale Webster was enjoying his surf so much he decided never to miss a surf again. He wasn't kidding either, at this juncture in life he made the first of many incorrect assumptions and also showed another apparently inheritable talent, unerring commitment. He calculated a lunar cycle at 28 years and decided he would surf three waves to the beach a day for the said period. It was on his 20th year that he found out a full lunar cycle is only 18 years but by that point he'd set his sights and continued.

 By the 20th February 2004, he had achieved his mission. Well done Dale. During this time he had apparently caught ten thousand, four hundred and seven confirmed waves and got through 30 boards and 28 wetsuits..

 If you start today it will only take you until 2039 to equal the record to put it in perspective....(I see my girlfriend glaring at me as I type). It appears that during this time he got married, had kids and the one I find hardest to believe (girlfriend now getting pretty gnarly) had gall stone problems.....three to the beach with that going on, wow manly.

 Dale is no quitter and the day after completing the task in 2004, "Daily" as he's known in California was out there again carving it up as he was too  in the swing of it by then. He's now redirected his focus to surfing every spot in the US, so I'm waiting for the Jaws and Mavericks updates (let's be honest age is not on his side).

 Things I found out that surprised me were that Dale also said on his completion date that he had to keep surfing the whole year of 2004 otherwise the guarantee on his wetsuit was invalid .......haven't figured this one out yet.

His daughter Margo has the Californian state record for the only student to never miss a days schooling from beginning elementary school through to completing high school. The Webesters are not quitters.

Update: As of September 2009, Daily still hadn't missed a days surf according to:

Dale shot to fame through his part in Step Into Liquid

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