Sunday, February 13, 2011

Times like these.

Huey is the God of surf...Yet it is not swell that has been the Cornish problem of late. Rather it is the wind, too much and the wrong way and changeable. I've been checking nooks and crannies to give me shelter from the storms.

So I call on the surfers of South West England to unite behind the Assyrian  Pazuzu! Yes Pazuzu is the God of the south west wind and he is an evil god (this much we know) with a serpentine get your pagan altars out.

As a pagan I have officially announced the start of spring here in Cornwall.....I based my decision on a few key indicators to please the Gods. 1) I could wear flip flops without perishing.

2) The Daffs are out and even a bit of gorse, so it doesn't look like the colour has been washed from our world.

3) We keep having south  west winds, winter was dominated by northerlies and easterlies bringing snow, bitter cold and clean waves. 

4) Just occasionally you can envisage summer and being warm. Cornwall is always beautiful come what may.

If it hadn't been for the wind on it, I could have surfed these 20 foot beasts breaking over bus sized granite boulders. Shame.

Couldn't get out to this gargantuan bombie either. I'd have been blown out to sea.

If you want glassy then you'll only get ankle snappers.

Still if you get everything just right and do the do with Pazazu then you might just get the wind blowing in the tube and some waves that'll hit the spot.