Friday, October 8, 2010

The Stretch

 don't think I posted anything from the Life guarding this a few shots. Hayle river mouth is famous to young families from the north who to be fair will brave the waters even when its over caste and raining. However no matter whether rain or sun they don't like to get anything above the knee wet, Four frustrated lifeguards make the most of the situation. Top Left is Craig, paddle boarder and clubby. Next up the Hoff. Followed by Phil the fish Newman, the man is faster than an otter in the water and finally Jack the lad. On my first day on the job, as my long term girl strolled up to HQ, after 6 hours of no action Jack stated "look at her she's gagging for cock"...things continued in a similar vein.

Jack was a keen surfer who had issues about being undergunned.

Phil the boss was a greyhound of a man, just under 400 metre freestyle qualification t seemed like. I'd definitely want him to save me.....

Chin ups with the First Aid kit on where a favourite as was the rock running.

A glorious way to spend the summer.


  1. holy cow it woz the hoff keeping the waters safe for my daughter... if only i had known the truth!?!? how d'ya get that golden shirt?

  2. You gotta qualify as a lifequard, do the course and pass all the assessments. Then apply to the RNLI and do some more training etc....its a fantastic opportunity to expand you skills though.