Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lack of swell = pies, fags and beer.

3 weeks without any decent waves, the belly swells, the beers open earlier and get put down later and ciggy's gather momentum...... I know this syndrome from when I last lived in Cornwall. The worst bit is when there finally is a great swell and you are in no condition to enjoy it and leave beautiful waves feeling frustrated and full of regret.

 Well I happened upon some blindingly obvious advice in the shape of a Dalai Lama toilet book the other day, stating:

"... to achieve happiness. One begins by identifying those factors which lead to happiness and those factors which lead to suffering. Having done this, one then sets about gradually eliminating those factors which lead to suffering and cultivating those factors which lead to happiness. That is the way."

 I may have gone a bit far when I set myself the goal of completing a 10 mile run  on Sunday the 28th of March in Helston yes the An Resek Helly's is 10 miles multi terrain and......I don't know whether I can do it.
This morning I ran 6 miles and ......covered the ground very slowly, so much so that I worry that I will come last, last by so much that the finish gate will be packed away and the car park empty when I get back to Helston. I guess it doesn't matter, it will teach me humility and keep the belly down...But I am worried I will not be able to complete the distance.  We shall see. I have said that if Neptune throws up some classy swell then I can throw a sicky.

 I should point out that if your reading this, you can register on the morning and there's a good chance of finishing penultimate or better. No waves at the mo but trying to keep the pecker up.

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